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Who is Chiutips?















Hello there! My name is Jennifer Chiu (my friends like to call me Chiubear) and in February 2012 I created my Youtube channel “Chiutips”. I’m a dreamer, lover of pretty things, health-nut, part-time yogi and film enthusiast.

I like to do lots of research on things related to beauty, health, style and inspiration and through this I found myself giving my friends, family and anyone I talked to…tips (if they needed it, of course). Then it clicked! I thought…”Hey! why don’t I make helpful tip videos to share with people? There must be someone out there looking for an answer to this…”. ย  So that’s how I got started on YouTube and I have all of you guys to thank for making it grow each and every day.

Thanks to all of my wonderful YouTube friends for watching my videos and leaving such kind comments on my channel. Each and everyone of you are amazing and hold a special place in my heart. You guys are the reason I keep making videos!

Sending you big Chiubear hugs! Your friend always, Jen

“If you can dream it, you can do it” – my favourite quote from Walt Disney




Hi Jennifer
I just started watching your youtube channel today and really liked your videos. Soo, i thought i would come say hi. HI ! You sound like a fun person and I am also currently living in Canada eh. Nice to make your acquaintance (is that correct? or should i say nice to discover you coz you don’t know me yet..Pardon me if that sounded weird)
Happy Holidays


Hi Tam!

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! I’m so glad you enjoy the videos :) Happy holidays to you too!

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