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Get Ready With Me: Morning Routine

Come hang out with me while I get ready in the morning! To start the morning off, I normally do a huge cat stretch and then off I go.  One small positive thought in the morning and change your entire day.  So be happy and your day will follow that (add a cup of coffee and I’m ready to tackle the day!). There is also a giveaway contest so make sure you enter for a chance to win the prize! xo Love you all. Jen

TUESDAY TIP: Banish Puffy Eyes NOW!

Happy Tuesday all! I hope all you guys are having a great start to the week so far.  If you’re not, it’s ok.  Don’t let one bad day ruin the rest of the week.  It will pass and brighter days will come! So now onto business.  For todays tip I wanted to share with you guys my 4 TIPS on how to get rid of puffy eyes.  This is perfect timing because just yesterday my eyes looked so tired, dark and puffy and so I whipped up some stuff to help relieve that and now I’m back (without the puffy eyes!).  If you’re like me and are prone to getting tired eyes (staring at the computer screen all day) then these tips will definitely help you! Here they are:

1. Cucumbers.  This is nothing new but thinly sliced cucumbers put on top of your eyes are amazing to help reduce puffiness and tired, strained eyes.  Cucumbers have powerful antioxidants and flavinoids that are help reduce irritation. They also need to be chilled to help work in part by the cooling effects of evaporation, and is best to apply for 4-5 minutes.

2. Arbonne Soothing Eye Gel.  This is my #1 thing to grab when I have tired and puffy eyes.  This amazing gel is perfect for the office because it’s just a roll on stick and the cooling sensation is heavenly if you have pain behind your eyes or just need some relaxing time.

3. Ice and Spoon.  Place a cube of ice onto a spoon and let it chill.  Now use the spoon and cover your eyes to help relax and cool the area.  Perfect for a quick DIY tip!

4. Green Tea Bags. Chilled.  After you’ve finished drinking your green tea.  Place the tea bag aside and lave in the fridge for half an hour.  Place the chilled green tea back directly on eye for 4-5 minutes.  Green tea is great for the inside and out!

…and those are my tips on how to get rid of puffy and tired eyes.  I hope you guys liked it and hopefully you found some tips here that you can share with anyone who might need this! xo Jen




Healthy Surprise Review Box

Many of you know I strive to live a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and eating nutritious meals.  Another way to help you eating healthier is by snacking.  Snacking is one of the most important parts of eating healthy because you should be eating every 2 – 3 hours to keep your metabolism roaring the entire day.  By snacking on healthy things, your body doesn’t go into starvation mode.  One of the best things I’ve come across is the Healthy Surprise snack boxes.  This would be my second time reviewing these boxes and lets just say they are AMAZING.  You’ll be glad to hear that these boxes are all vegan, organic, gluten free, wheat free, soy free, peanut free and all natural.

On a typical day, I’ll have a green shake in the morning, by around 11 am I’ll grab a delicious healthy snack from the Healthy Surprise box and munch on that until lunch.  I’ll have some protein (fish) and veggies for lunch and around 3pm I’ll grab another snack. You don’t have to eat the entire thing, just snacking on a few pieces here and there.  The same routine goes on for dinner, so now you have an idea of what I do with food on the regular day!

Watch this video to see my review and what delicious goodies come in these fantastic Healthy Surprise boxes:

If you want your very own Healthy Surprise box, use this promo code and save $10 OFF your first box!

Promo Code: CHIUTIPS10

TUESDAY TIP: Spring Fashion/Style

Hey guys! It’s TIP TUESDAYS, which means another tip for the week!  Today’s tip post is going to be a fashion/style post so I hope you guys like it. This is my go-to weekend look for a nice day.  I love wearing loose tanks over classic blue jeans with an oversized cardigan. Add a little bit of sophistication with a cashmere scarf and you’re good to go!  I love spring clothes because there is so much layering happening, which is how I normally wear my clothes. Layers add depth and uniqueness to your individualized look so have fun with it! Happy Tuesday and huge bear hugs!  All info on what I’m wearing is below! xo Jen


Jeans: Hudson Jeans | Cardigan: Dynamite (similar) | Black Tank Top: TopShop Black Cami

Watch: Rado Watch (similar) | NeckLace: Forever 21 Feather Necklace

Shoes: Kelsi Dagger Lace Leather Boots | Ring: Kate Spade Gold Bow Ring


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