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My New Obsession!

When I was in Vegas, I treated myself to a new bag! I was walking around the outlets and found the Kate Spade store, which I absolutely love! If you like girly, colourful and cute things, be sure to check the brand out! Look at this brand new puppy I just got.  I am totally in love with it, the lining is incredibly cute too.  All polka dots. My new obsession. I think it was regular $199 and it was on sale for 50% off! Amazing deal!


Obsession with Wolves?

This is one of my favourite T-shirts I bought at Nordstrom.  I think it was $20 or something like that.  What a great deal! I’m kinda obsessed with it.  I think because it makes me feel a little bad-ass (although I’m not!).

It’s really amazing what you put on everyday can really exemplify what you’re feeling that day.  Today, I was feeling a little dark, perhaps a bit ominous.  I get that way sometimes!

I think dressing how you feel is the way to go.  Express yourself through the clothes you wear.  Somedays, I’ll wear something super girly, pink and floral and other days I’ll put on a rock n roll, dark and ominous look.  Have fun with your clothes and try picking out something you wouldn’t normally wear! You’ll surprise yourself.  Happy dress-up!

Big hugs from my closet to yours! Your wolfy friend, Jen :)

This is how I look on a casual day…while editing videos!

Hey darlings.

I’m sitting here listening to Zedd/Foxes – Clarity (this song really pumps me up btw)… and editing my Wednesday video! It’s going to be a makeup tutorial…so excited to upload it tonight!

This is me on a casual day or when I’m having a bad hair day. lol.  I usually end up putting my hair in a sock bun but why not rock a Red Sox cap right? Would you have known that by looking at the logo? I didn’t at first…lol.

Wishing you all a very happy and productive Tuesday.  Stay happy. Stay healthy and don’t forget to meditate. Love you all. xo Your friend, Jen


A Punch of Color!

Today, I’m doing a bit of shopping!  I bought this gorgeous orange double layer tube dress from TopShop. Perfect to pair with a flowy white top and a gold necklace! A bit of orange punch for this summer!

Hoping you all are having the best day and if you’re not, always remember only you can brighten your own day. I think belly aching laughs is the best medicine.  Love and big hugs, Your Chiubear :)


My outfit for today while walking around downtown Cairns, Australia!  I’m just so happy to be able to travel and share my experiences with you all! Here’s my look of the day.

What I’m wearing: Supra stripe dress, gold and black spike necklace, Whittney beige and black sandals and a pearl gold ring.  Hugs XOXO Your, Chiubear

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