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HOW TO: Get Rid of Cold and Flu Symptoms FAST!

Every now and then we get sick.  It happens to the best of us… so I wanted to share with you some of my herbal remedies that help with the common cold and flu symptoms.  They’ve worked for me in the past and I really cannot live without some of them.  If you have any helpful herbal remedies, please comment! I would love to hear from you!

You can purchase one of the best-selling brands of oil of oregano here!  I’ve taken this one in the past and it works so well!  

Oh yes, and Happy Valentines Day! Much love from me to you! xoxo Jen.

VIDEO SOURCE: How To Get Rid of Cold and Flu Symptoms Fast!

How To Beat the Cold/Flu Season!

In the winter months of the year, colds and flus spread widely! Especially nowadays, there are so many different strains of stuff going around. Here are my tried and tested home remedies that work.  I hope they help you as they do for me.

1. Oil of Oregano – immune booster and fungal fighter.  To purchase oil of oregano, click HERE!

2. Echinacea – immune booster

3. Emergen-C – lots of vitamins and minerals help immune system

4. Airborne – created by a school teacher.  Full of vitamins and minerals that help support immune function.  (Also known to help cure hangovers…I haven’t tried it for that yet, but I’ve heard it works!)

5. Eucalyptus Steam – Especially helpful if you have those nagging wet coughs, assists in opening the airways so you can breathe easier.  A very good idea to do before bed.

6. Ginger, Lemon and Honey Hot Water

7. Advil Extra Strength (for Fevers and Headaches) and Robitussin Cough and Cold to help suppress coughs before bed.


I hope the cold/flu doesn’t get you this season…as it did me.  I was sick for about a week.  I’m finally starting to feel better now.  YAY! Back to working out and making vids.  I hope you have a stellar day with lots of energy and inspiring thoughts.  Big hugs and sweet dreams! Love,  Jen :)


Are you a fan of teas because I am a HUGE TEA DRINKER!  There are many teas with excellent health benefits.   Some of my favorite teas include:

Green Tea: High in antioxidants that protect against heart disease and cancer, now may even show evidence as an allergy fighter! WOOHOO! (I had an environmental allergy test done about a week ago and it turns out I’m allergic to many of them).  Green tea may also be useful against allergens that cause sneezing ie. pet dander, dust mites, grass and tree pollen. YAY!

Black Tea: Drinking black tea may lower the risk of heart disease as they may reduce blood clots from forming.  Oolong tea is a darker tea as well, and is believed to help in the aging process.  If you have insomnia thinking about potential wrinkles forming overnight, you might want to sip down some oolong tea!

White Tea: They say white tea appears to have more anti-cancer qualities than green tea. I’ve seen green and white tea mixed together.  Now that’s a powerful antioxidant tea pair!

After thinking and blogging about all tea. I had to get some tea!  I went by this absolutely adorable tea shop in the city called TEAJA for the first time!  Teaja offers a wide selection of some of the finest organic and wildcrafted teas, herbal blends and botanical remedies.  I tried the “CALM” tea today and it was fabulous!  I felt calm, relaxed and came back and finished this blog.  Thanks TEAJA!

My journey through TEAJA:

You walk in and see a wide selection of organic teas fit for whatever you need for the day.  A beautiful, chic and trendy display of all their teapots, brewers and cups. It was hard to pick just one tea to drink…. I wanted to try them all!

I chose the “CALM” tea which is the one in red with all the good stuff brewing!  They say that loose leaf tea has much more potency than the ones in the small tea bags.  To get the full benefits of the tea and its antioxidants  you want to let it “sit” or “brew” for at least 5 minutes before drinking. ~ At Teaja, they brew your tea in these “special” brewers.  After 5 minutes of brewing, they slide the bottom piece out which drains the tea out into your cup. Isn’t that neat?!

 …and the finished product! A divine cup of tea with all the yummy goodness and health benefits to enjoy for the rest of the day! Thanks for coming along my tea journey.  I hope you liked it :)  HAPPY TEA FRIDAY!

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