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It’s Off! My Hair I Mean…

In my recent video, some of you may have seen my new haircut.  I’ve chopped it off! Well, not too drastically but its definitely not long anymore.  I have a wonderful stylist and I really couldn’t be happier with my cut.  However, when I look at old pictures of me with long hair…I do miss it.  You always want what you can’t have…but I’m so happy with my new hair.  Here are some recent pics of my hair now.  What do you guys think? Do you like it long or short?



It is summer and I love the fact it takes me half the time to dry and style my hair. YAY! My inspiration for this cut?  Nicole Richie’s cool cherry blonde short hair with a thick blunt cut.  I wanted to do the blunt cut as well…but, I was afraid I would look funny.  Maybe next time I’ll have the courage to do it.  In the meantime,  here’s my look for the rest of summer….Your friend, Jen xo

The “BEST” Dry Shampoo!

My MOST FAVOURITE dry shampoo ever! You absolutely need a dry shampoo when travelling (well…at least I do!) because I don’t like washing my hair everyday as that can strip the natural oils out of your hair very quickly.  When you’re travelling (especially to hot, humid places) you’ll be sweating and your hair will get greasy almost everyday. Dry shampoo allows you to instantly clean your hair and leave it smelling fresh all the time without the damage! Your hair will also look like it’s just been washed too!

Here are my 4 easy steps to getting the best results with dry shampoo:

1. shake up the bottle very well
2. part your hair into 4 sections from left to right
3. spray each section with the dry shampoo
4. spray the back of your head.

This brand Klorane is by far the BEST dry shampoo I’ve ever used (…and I’ve used many!)  It smells amazingly fresh and a bottle goes a very long way.  To top it off, there are no sulphates/no parabens in it!

To purchase the same Klorane bottle I used, click HERE!

Happy dry shampooing, I just love this stuff. Have a great start to the week! Big interweb smiles and hugs coming your way!  Whatever you dream of, you can make it happen.  ”If you believe you can, you’re halfway there” — Theodore Roosevelt

Your, Chiubear :)



The perfect lazy lady’s hairstyle! Ever wake up in the morning and tried to do your hair and just nothing works? You spend so much time figuring out why your hair isn’t co-operating and you check the time and you’re late for work. This has happened to me countless times, we just have bad hair days! Today, was a bad hair day for me. The best hairstyle for a bad hair day is the lazy lady’s hairdo.

STEP 1: Use a flat comb brush to tease your hair at the crown.
STEP 2: Gather half of your hair and clip it, I just just two bobby pins.  DONE.

Its simple, elegant and perfect any day. I hope you’re having a wonderful Thursday. Keep calm and get lazy.

Love, Jen xoxo

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