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TMI Tag Video!

A highly requested video amongst many Youtubers and I was lucky enough to get tagged! Here is my TMI tag video and for those of you who don’t know what TMI stands for, it’s (too much information). How much is too much? Well, I guess you’ll find out some more interesting/wacky/weird things about me. Enjoy! xo Jen

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Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him and Her!

The big Valentine’s Day is coming up and I wanted to share a quick post for those of you who haven’t found the perfect gift for your guy or girl yet!  Remember, gifts should come from the heart and you don’t need to break the bank every year. Something thoughtful, sweet and heartfelt will be amazing. Here are my TOP 5 gifts for guys and girls.


1. THE TECH SAVVY GUY: The Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch
If your guy is really into tablets, phones, computers, gadgets and etc.  Consider a Samsung Galaxy watch.  It’s truly unique because you can call, text, take videos, photos and a lot of other cool things and wear it as a WATCH. How cool is that!  I bought this gift last Christmas and they love it!




If your guy is more outdoorsy who likes biking, skateboarding, skiing, scuba diving, surfing, cliff jumping, sky diving, bungee jumping or any extreme sport.  This is the ultimate gift for him. A bit on the pricier side, but all the people I know who use the GO PRO Camera absolutely love it. It’s an amazing way to capture things underwater, in the air or wherever you may be.



If your man is creative, a reader, writer or an overall artist, this company called THE AFFAIR does premium printed T-shirts and printed art from famous novels. Every design from THE AFFAIR is original (they don’t just print old book covers) and every stitch is guaranteed sweatshop free!





4. THE SUAVE and POLISHED GUY: Stylish Bow Tie’s
Made especially for the man who loves to look put together, stylish or who has a sense-of-humor. You get an assorted 5 piece pre-tied, handmade, adjustable bowtie set. Each bowtie is fabricated from a polyester-cotton blend. They are really easy to wear and easy to adjust, just slide the neck band strap on to the plastic U-hook in the front!


5. THE OLDER, MATURE GUY: Montego Watch Storagebox
If your man has a collection of watches, consider getting him a watch box! These are classy, affordable and look great on his desk, nightstand or dresser.






If your valentine is a makeup/beauty guru, try opting for a makeup palette.  RCMA has one of the best palettes every aspiring makeup guru should have!






2. THE POSH GIRL: Michael Kors Watch 
If your girl likes the finer things, these Michael Kors watches are a staple in any posh girls wardrobe.  Michael Kors is also one of my favourite brands.  The pieces are classic and affordable!






3. THE “I LOVE TO READ” GIRL: Kindle White
Maybe your lady loves to read?  Give her one of these Kindle Readers and she’ll be so happy.  She can bring it everywhere with her instead of having to bring a bag of books.  These store thousands of books and are perfect for travelling. These are amazing gifts for guys and girls!




4. THE VEGAN GIRL: Mink Vegan Shoes
If your girl is vegan. The vegan footwear designed by Californian Rebecca Mink has already won over celebrities across the pond. Made using Italian craftsmanship, these sandals with geometric heel, platform, faux leather sole and double ankle strap are made of 100% animal-free materials!






5. THE FASHIONISTA: Vintage Shoulder Bag
Bags, Bags, Bags! You can’t ever go wrong with giving her a bag!  My new favourites are vintage shoulder bags.  This bag has a beautiful leather look panel with fold over design, flower embossed flap with matte hook. Gorgeous!

Hey You.

If you’re feeling down. Read this post. There will be days when you don’t feel your best. I had one of those days yesterday, but I’m feeling much better today and so, I decided to make a post in hopes of making you feel better!

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Whatever it is that’s bringing you down. First, stop being unhappy with yourself.  You are unique, amazing and one of a kind. Stop worrying about what others think of you, or if you’ll “fit in” with the crowd.  Think of it this way, how will you possibly stand out if you are amongst the crowd?  The only way to stand out is to be your own person and by paving your own path.  Stop wishing you looked like someone else. Stop trying to get attention from those who hurt you.  Forget them. Stop hating your body, because it is beautiful. Your personality, your quirks, your face. Love them. Embrace them. Remember there is only one YOU in this world.  So why try being anyone else other than you?

Be confident in who you are.  Smile when you walk. Smile at others.  Your smile could make someone else’s day! Every person you meet is going through something, so always be kind. You won’t believe what a single act of kindness can bring.

If there’s someone hating on you or bullying you, stick your middle finger in the air and say screw it!  Think about how ugly that person is to be doing such a cowardly thing. Laugh at them.  Feel sorry for them.  Because you are a bigger person and by not stooping to their level, you are instantly a better and more beautiful person.  You will look back on this day and say “Why did I even care that much?” because your happiness should never depend on others. Ever.

Life is beautiful and full of adventures.  Travel to a new place at least once every year.  Go watch a movie by yourself. Sit in a cafe and draw. Write down all of your amazing ideas and bring them to life. Take a class on something you enjoy. Plan something to look forward to because there are so many things in this lifetime you haven’t seen yet and those things are waiting to see you. Incredible. Amazing. You.


Your friend,



What ever happened to letters?

I was just thinking about this tonight.  What ever happened to writing letters to our friends and family? We’re all in such a techie world that letters seem to have disappeared.  I remember in elementary school, I would write to some of my classmates and fold them into letter envelopes.  I always enjoyed so much reading what my friends had to say.  It was a weekly thing and I miss it.  There is undeniably a difference between reading an email and reading a written letter.

As a result of my pondering, I decided to write this letter to all of you.  Although I would like to write it on a page and mail it somewhere (or maybe in a bottle in the sea, for someone to find).  Instead, I’ll just type what I’m thinking here… for you.


A little letter to you…

What makes each of us different? How do each of us contribute beyond ourselves to the world?  I think it’s important for each of us to leave some kind of legacy.  Leave something behind for future generations to learn and hopefully expand into bigger and better things. Things perhaps we couldn’t finish in our time.  
Every single one of you in this world has something extraordinary to offer.  Whether you know what it is, or not – you do have something unique to give. Something to give to the world way beyond yourself.  I find that by lifting others up, you also lift yourself up.  It’s the act of giving without asking for something in return that you truly find happiness.
I challenge you to put some time away everyday to find out what you are passionate about. For example, have you ever sat there, daydreaming.. “I really want to do that, it would make me really happy”.  Take steps towards this idea. This way you are one step closer to finding what makes you truly happy.  When you’re happy, you are able to help lift others up, thus creating more happiness. We, as a human species can really evolve in helping ourselves and others. Humans need love, compassion and friendship. That’s what keeps us alive.
Be a part of something bigger than yourself.  Find what makes you happy in life because the point of life is not to live forever, but to leave something behind that will.
Your friend,

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