BACK IN 2012…

I decided to take a chance and change my life. This eventually ended up being one of the best decisions I’ve ever made career-wise. If you’ve ever seen my panel talks or came to a meet up, the question: “Why did you start your channel?” gets asked a lot. To give you a short answer, I was unhappy at my 9-5 job and needed a change (badly). I love art, photography and film-making so starting a channel made sense to me at the time. I also had nothing to lose by trying it out. When you have nothing to lose. What’s stopping you?

My channel went live February of 2012. It started out as something I did for fun. I was passionate about beauty, skincare and makeup and thought “Let’s make some how-to videos!” My first video (which makes me cringe to watch now) is on HOW TO: Get Rid Of Greasy Hair Without Washing. It’s hard to watch but I also find it so encouraging seeing how far I’ve come since I posted that video.

Ever since then, I’ve been posting videos every week sharing my best tips & tricks with you guys. YouTube has been the most rewarding and enjoyable profession I’ve ever had and I hope to keep doing it for a long time to come!