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5 TIPS for Glossy Hair!

Is your hair looking dull and dry? Overwashing, sun and certain hair products can leave our hair looking not-so-nice. Here are 5 easy tips to help get your hair as glossy is ever!


1. Use COOL WATER when washing your hair.  Heat opens the hair cuticle, resulting in an uneven, dull surface. So finish with a cool rinse in the shower—and a cool shot during a blow-out!

2.  Add a DEEP CONDITIONING HAIR MASK once per week. If you are serious about getting glossy hair, you have to try Kérastase Chroma Captive Shine Intensifying Masque. It will change your hair’s life forever! I have this one and it works SO well!

3. Consider using a GLOSS SPRAY RINSE for fabulous hair. This is an in-shower version that you rinse off which results in a nice gleaming topcoat (kinda like a shiny topcoat from a manicure!).  Try using Oscar Blandi’s At Home Glaze Rinse!

4. Use a FLAT IRON. Flat-ironing helps ruffled hair cuticles lie flat, which helps reflect light! Just be sure not to fry your strands: Only iron bone-dry hair, use a gliding motion, a heat protectant spray and choose ceramic plates to protect against excessive heat! Try HSI Ceramic Flat Iron if you’re looking for a new flat iron friend!

5. An easy DIY version to getting glossy hair is beating 2 EGG YOLKS together and applying that on your hair, leave on for 10 minutes and rinse.  The fatty acids in the egg yolks really help nourish and bring out shine!

❤ Fore even more tips on hair, check out my hair tip videos on YouTube! Everything from learning how to make your hair grow longer to fixing dry and damaged hair 

Click here to watch them all!





I love it. The homemade recipe really works for adding a natural shine and gloss to hair. Also, the cold water rinse is a good one for adding that beautiful gloss on hair.


Agreed! Cold water really helps :)

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